Our product group ProjectPlank consists of Thermo heated, Indian Smoked and Roman Flooring.

Thermo heated consists of a 15 mm water resistant plywood and a 6 mm solid oak top layer.
Indian Smoked consists of a 14 mm or 11 mm water resistant plywood and a 5.5 mm or 4 mm solid oak core smoked top layer.
Roman Flooring consists of a 11 mm water restistant plywood and a 2.5 mm solid french oak top layer.


Dimensions Thermo heated: T x W: 21 x 180 mm.
Lengths: 80% 1860 mm and 20% nested lengths

Dimensions Indian Smoked: T x W: 20 x 180 mm and 15 x 180 mm.
Lengths: 800-2200 mm.

Dimensions Roman Flooring: T X W: 14 x 200 mm, 14 x 250 mm, 14 x 300 mm.
Lengths: 2420 mm.

Profile: Tongue and groove on 4 sides and 2 side bevel on the long sides.
Finishing: Unfinished, oiled, varnished, brushed, colored, smoked and Scarving Xperience.


  • High stability thanks to combining solid oak and plywood.
  • Characteristics and lifetime are comparable to 15 or 21 mm solid wood flooring.
  • Available in a variety of finishings, both varnished and oiled.
  • Easy DIY install.