An industrial finishing with an ultra violet oil or ultra violet lacquer gives your floor a natural appearance. The natural colour and texture in the wood is preserved.


  • Sanding
  • Brushing
  • Scarving
  • Smoking
  • Oiling (UV)
  • Lacquering (UV)
  • Staining (UV, different popular colours)

And of course a combination of above mentioned options is possible.

Every product made, is bundled, shrink wrapped and labelled.

You can access the floor immediately after installation. The installation time is much faster because you don’t have problems with drying. Industrial finishing means an equal amount of protection on every board + easy maintenance & high resistance against dirt and drips.



Scarving Xperience is a new technique introduced to give the surface of untreated planks a unique character (distressed or hand-scraped) in a controlled production process. A number of different types are available within the Scarving Xperience. Each type has its own exclusivity. Naturally, these can be combined with different colour and shine effects. It is also possible to have your own type developed as regards design.

SX number Maximum width
SX 1 240 mm
SX 2 240 mm
SX 3 240 mm
SX 4 240 mm
SX 5 240 mm
SX 6 290 mm
SX 7 310 mm
SX 8 295 mm

Please take a look at the video at:

Scarving Xperience

On this page you can see different types of Scarving Xperience and combinations. For example: SX 15 is a combination of SX 1 and SX 5.

SX1 – pub wash & oil natural

SX1 – white wash & oil white

SX15 – pub wash & oil white

SX3 – natural oil